Studio X - Studio keeps crashing

I am not sure if there is a size limit for Studio X, but everytime I am trying to get to the end of the programming, Studio X gives me a spinning circle, pauses, and then closes. Is there anything I can do to stop this from happening?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Hi @RPANovice1 ,

Would it be possible to provide us some repro steps to help us investigate this further? Additionally, what activities are you using?


It’s actually crashing before I run, while I scroll down to add more coding. I do get an error message about powershell.exe, but not sure if it would be related.

Would it be possible to share the project with us?

Here is the output log I have, this shows up after I open UIPath.

09/14/2021 10:38:06 => [Debug] The restore inputs for ‘CMS_ART’ have not changed. No further actions are required to complete the restore.
09/14/2021 10:38:06 => [Info] Assets file has not changed. Skipping assets file writing. Path: C:\Users\AD65283\Documents\UiPath\CMS_ART.local\AllDependencies.json
09/14/2021 10:38:06 => [Debug] No-Op restore. The cache will not be updated. Path: C:\Users\AD65283\Documents\UiPath\CMS_ART.local\nuget.cache

Hey @RPANovice1 ,

Is it possible to share a set of repro steps or the actual project to help us troubleshoot this?


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