Uipath Studio X the program suddenly turns off

Hi guys!
It’s my first writing topic :slight_smile: !!

Anyway, I’m recently studying Studio X.
I want to make tasks in this program, but suddenly turns off…
I’m not doing anything now… :joy:
Who knows this Error? then, What should I do?
(Especially using Excel card…)

Thanks to read!

Hey, It’s me!

I think this is my Desktop’s Error or StudioX…
be overloaded…

So, when you guys met this Error, the answer is not using !

when I click the drop box vertically down from ribbon menu, I met this error!
so I didn’t use the drop box…

I hope the UiPath Studio to be loved by many developers… :joy:


I would be very helpful if you could give us the logs, they are store in %localappdata%/UiPath/Logs and you could record a video of the Studio misbehaving that would be awesome indeed .

Another entry point int he debugging process would be if you could tell us what operating system are you using and what version of Studio .


Thank you for your good advice.
I’ll try that from now on!

Thank :slight_smile:

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