Studio works but Orchestrator fails to run same process

Hi, I am new to UiPath and was trying to automate some simple stuff.
I was able to achieve it in UiPath Studio, but anything I try fails for same error. " Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector"

Any Idea what I might be doing wrong?
Log is attached.

Thank you

Hi @mantas,

This sounds like a selector issue. Please use UiExplorer and validate the selectors. Also make sure there is nothing blocking the interaction with your application. Since you’re using an Attach window it is expected for the app to be open.


Thank you for your prompt response.
This might sound stupid, but if I do not use selector in Studio do I need to use it in orchestrator?

You’re welcome, I think I’m beginning to see what’s happening in your workflow. Would you mind sharing what is being passed into the Attach Window activity. If you had used “Indicate on Screen” then you will see the selectors in the Properties pane:

Thank you,
I created simplest process I can imagine to illustrate my issue . Open file explorer. This runs perfectly in Studio, but fails in orchestrator.

Check your orchestrator robot configurations and play with the settings.


Did you work out why this was not working?