Selector not found when running in Orchestrator

I have two workflows that work fine in UIStudio, but fail when running in Orchestrator. We are using release 2018.1.3 for both studio, the robot and orchestrator. In both cases, the workflows fail because the robot cannot find an element (selector not found error).

One interacts with a browser based application running Internet Explorer 11, and the other interacts with a Windows Forms application.

I obtained all selectors using UIExplorer.

In both cases, the screen interaction is part of a workflow file that MAIN invokes. I tried both Invoke Workflow FIle and Launch Workflow Interactively with no success.

Thanks in advance for any ideas or suggestions.

paste the error here?

@jdv,Did you check the simulatetype property in click activity?Maybe Your window (or) webapplication selector element is hidden under any window

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Hey @jdv

could you solve your issue? Im having similar problems.