Community edition Crashing and not opening


I have UI path studio Community version installed on my computer , but currently there have been some problems i.e the studio does not open. whenever I open the studio or xaml file , it gives a pop up (screenshot below) and then the pop up disappears and the studio still doesn’t open does anyone have any idea about this error. Also in addition I have .xaml files saved on my computer , If I go ahead with a reinstall would the saved .xaml project files still work, as it contains a lot of work done. Any help is really appreciated

No it wont delete the project files that were created
To ensure that take a back up of all the files like nupkg, project folders with xaml and json file, everything to a separate folder which is not a uipath installer folder
–then try to uninstall and reinstall it again
hope that would work for sure
Cheers @Ashish_Mehra

@Palaniyappan thanks for reverting, I currently just have the .xaml files on my desktop, how do I find my .json and other file formats that you have suggested for those particular project workflows ?

when you open a xaml with uipath studio
–uipath application will open and inthe left side of the screen we can see a tab called Projects along with activities and libraries
–click that projects tab and click on this icon
it will take you to the project folder of that xaml, which will have all the files related to that xaml…

Cheers @Ashish_Mehra

I cant do that as my studio isnt working ,thats the problem

ok, have you created any projects in previous versions
if not these xaml files are enough, even without project. json files
even when we open these files in reinstalled and if any activity didnt appear we can install the relevant package, we still have that option
but we need to make sure that none of the files related to the xaml is in the uipath folder
once they are made clear we can uninstall and reinstall the studio
Cheers @Ashish_Mehra

So should I just take backup of my UI path folder as a precaution and then reinstall ? that would work right

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yes of course that sounds good
hope you have the xaml in other folder as well, being safe
Cheers @Ashish_Mehra

Yes I Do, thanks for your help, I’ll test it and see.

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Cheers @Ashish_Mehra

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