Studio Suddenly Closes - Corrupts XAML File..... showing error in studio :could not be opened. Document is invalid

Same happened with me. I was created a sequence file of activities in studio. one day i was working to do some changes in the sequence file. And suddenly electricity power cut. When I Restart my pc and open the studio again ? Then try to open that main.xmal file ? I got error “File is invalid”


I visited to file location manually in C drive and open the file Main.xaml … I found its has been cruppted. and only have text "NUL NUL NUL…so on. The file is attached here. Please help me to recover it. Also fix this issue in UIPath future update. Its take us to make files months. and only one second power off can distroy all our work.

Main.xaml (22.8 KB) "


I guess it created Main(Autosave).xaml file in that folder and please check once. In this kind of issue occurs then it will Auto save and same file will be created in that folder.

Thanks for quick reply… but there is no such file.

I think there must be some problem with file while getting saved at such situation
So we need to recreate the file buddy and that’s the best way as of now

Yah may be this feature will be added in near future

Cheers @Tech_Guru

Dear Tech,

First of all, the file saved is C: drive, so when ever power cut happens the C: drive files will be corrupted. So better to maintain in other drives.

If you have any backup you can use that, or else as Palaniyappan said we need to recreate it and wait for the feature to update in Uipath


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The below article could help to recover the earlier published version. But recent changes we still can not recover.

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