Studio sperating datas in variables

Hello everyone,

I have a question. UI Path studio should grab data from SAP and do this in a variable. Unfortunately, the data isn´t ordered, so I will have in this variable the street, housenumber, postal code and location. Is there any posibility with assign or another activity to cut of the data, that there is only the street for example in the variable?

If anyone knows that, it would be very kind to let me know.

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You could check field which is that i mean
if street {
grab data of street and put it in street variable.

like above, you can do i guess

thank you for your reply. I am very sorry, but I did not quite understand what you mean. Could you please explain it again?
that would be very kind

HI @Karoweiss ,

if string value use string manipulation or regex to get the value.

please provide the sample input for better understanding

Arivazhagan A