Creating variables from an excel file

Hello there,

I need help with one situation here.

I need to get data from an excel file and transform each one in a variable that will be used in future. The variable will be created automatically, where the variable name will be assigned with the header’s name, and the value will be the cell’s value getted. (This is the first one problem that I can’t solve).

And when the robot is getting data from this file, it needs to verify if the cell is empty. If it’s empty, it won’t create a new variable and pass for the next one cell. (This is the another doubt).


Hi @gustavocorado

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Assign a strvar as string variable =row(“ColumnName”).toString

Ashwin S

Thanks @AshwinS2 !!

I think in this case, the variable strvar will receive the value, but I want to change this name of the variable ‘strvar’, for example, to the column name.

‘strvar’ exchange to ‘PurchaseOrder’, for example.


I’m not sure if you can really do it, probably yes. But the Idea that I have is to build a UIpath robot that creates you a variable for each value. So it will be a Uipath proyect that creates variables for another uipath proyect. So what you will do is use a “Read Range Activity” and output the datatable to a variable then use the for each activity and have the robot create it.

Hi! How can I do it?