Studio: On tab click, change focus to search bar

My academy nor credential accounts appear to be linking to my forum account, so I do not have permissions to place this anywhere else. If a forum admin can give me appropriate privileges and move this to the appropriate location, I would be very grateful.

I personally like to hide my side tabs, like Activities, Library, Project, etc. Once I click on them, it would be nice if the search bar automatically got focus so that I could type in what I’m looking for without having to click on it as well. Ideally, this would also select the text that’s already in the field if it’s not empty. This is especially the case with Activities as I feel like I’m constantly searching for things that I do not already have under my Recent’s heading.

Ctrl+Alt+F takes you directly to the Activity search box (at least in 2019.3.0). Not aware if there is anything similar for Project items or snippets, yet you will be using (or searching for) activities most of the time.


However, you can use Universal Search (Ctrl+F) to quickly jump to any item:

That unfortunately will cause the pane to not auto-hide if you do that though. Other than that, that solves the problem.

I do have auto-hiding on, and it works for me (after selecting the activity, of course):