Please enhance the Universal Search functionality in Studio

Dear UI-Studio development team,

Could you please enhance the Universal Search functionality.

The new functionality in v19.5 is really unfortunate as the search field is cleared as soon as you click/select something else ouside the search window. This effectively means, that you have to type in your search criteria again and again, which is really a downgrade since version 19.4.x.

Can I recommend the following:

  1. make sure search field is not cleared when you click a search result and focus shifts to the xaml file.
  2. when typing ctrl+alt+f,set focus on the Universal Search textbox and highlight the text already there. Dont clear the search field as suggested by another user. Highlighting allows to type in something else without having to delete, what is already there (best of both worlds).
  3. add a search scope option to search functionality, so that you can choose to search one of the following
    • selected scope (from sequence/flow visible on screen and subsequent sequences/flows)
    • current file
    • open files
    • all files in project (including unopened files)

This would really make working with UI Studio easier.

I sincerely hope you pick up this one.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Jasper, This is on our to do list. Thanks for the feedback. Anything else you would see helpful in terms of search and search services/discoverability in general?

I just tried the “new” universal search in 2019.8 for the first time because I want to update my very popular training course… and I was pretty shocked by the negative experience, relative to 2018.3.

  1. It feels more hidden and harder to get to quickly. More clicks required to achieve my desired outcome.
  2. When I attempted to search for a simple string that was present in a Message Box activity in Main.xaml right in front of my face, the search mechanism returned “No results”, which is either a massive step backwards, or a glaring defect. Hope this is resolved soon…
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Searching for properties will be back in 19.9 and will be surfaced inside the Current File tab. That was a defect. The shortcut which opens Universal Search will still be Ctrl+F. All the other suggestion were taken into account as well. Please let us know how this feels now.

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Still I can’t find the values of the arguments on some ‘Invoke’ activities…Enterprise version 2019.10.2…

Thank you for reporting it, we will look into it!

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Hi Mircea, it would be very helpful if we were able to search workflows by activity type. I personally postpend the activity type in parenthesis to the end of each of my activities so that I can easily find all instances of a given activity, but most developers at my company don’t. We have some workflows with complex business logic, so the universal search feature is more practical than looking for the activity icon in the outline.

Why on earth would UIPATH remove the search for annotations. I used to have all these FIXME and TODO notes in annotations for QA and now all of them are useless as the search does not find the annotation notes


Thank you for bringing it to our attention. The fix will be available in the next Community Edition release 20.6.