Search-Activity-Shortcut [ctrl+alt+f] should delete previous search

Hi guys,

this is just a little idea for a quality of life improvement. I’m a big fan of hotkeys and shortcuts and such and I like the shortcut ctrl+alt+f to search for activities from anywhere in the studio. Unfortunately I usually start typing right away and don’t find anything, because the last search term is still in the input field.

IMO the Search-Activity-Shortcut [ctrl+alt+f] should delete the previous search.


Hi @lukasziebold

It would indeed be a nice quality of life improvement. You have my vote :wink:

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I almost agree…:thinking:

Instead of automatically deleting the search, it should SelectAll the text in the search box; making it ready to be overwritten while still allowing the user to edit the existing search text.


We went with CTRL + ALT + F selecting the text in the box. I marked it as completed.