Automatic activation of Search field at Activities Pane after clicking the 'x'

When I have used the search field to add an activity to my code, and then want to search again I currently have to options:

  1. Manually highlight my search string and inputting new search criteria

  2. Click the little ‘x’ and then click in the search field to input my new search criteria.

My experience tell me, that I often click the ‘x’ and then instantly fill out my desired search criteria, only to discover that the search field has not been activated. Is it possible to automatically activate the search field after clicking ‘x’?



Hi Mark,

You’re right. We’ll look into it.


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Hi I am having similar problem but a little bit different here.

Everytime I type into the search bar and then I want to click search button (actually it’s apply filter in this case) the text I type before was gone before I click search button.

So it will fail to do the next step.

It always succedd when I do it manually, but when the robot does it, it’s always fail.

Thanks for any help.

I marked this one as completed. CTRL + ALT + F is your shortcut now :slight_smile: