Debug not working since update

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As of the last update, when the execute tab changed to DEBUG. I havn’t been able to debug.
No breakpoints are hit and even worse. UIPath seems to just hang when it should throw an exception. Even putting the activity that should throw an exception inside of a try catch isn’t caught…

In the debug tab, there is only two big buttons on the left; Start, Stop. Unlike the previous version which had start, stop and debug. The start has a drop down and you can select “Start File” as apposed to “Start Without Debugging” but this still doesn’t hit the breakpoints.

I was hoping that I’m not the only one with this issue…

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Hello @Bazz

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With the latest release the debug options got changed a bit. Once you get into the debug tab, there are two big buttons as you said, start and stop. Below the start, there is a small arrow which gives you three options when expanded.

Now, by default clicking on the debug button runs the program in debug mode. Other options are
Execute without debugging
Execute file - runs only the file that is open
Execute file without debugging - runs the workflow file which is open without debug mode

About the errors, in the latest version it doesnt give a pop up message with the error info. When it encounters an error, it stops there highlighting the activity that failed in red color. The error info are now shown in the locale panel under errors. The retry, continue buttons are also available in the debug ribbon when running.

The break points will get hit when you run in debug mode which is the default approach.

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The breakpoint isn’t hit when I left click on the button circled in red

I thought I should put a reply in case anyone else had this issue…

It seems that my UIPath Studio broke after the update, debug and other features stopped working. A fresh install via reinstall fixed the problem.

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