Studio hangs with project validation popup ->REFramework project-->Run

Studio hangs with Validation popup when “Run” command is used

This was observed both in Stable (21.10.4/5) and Latest Enterprise version. REFramework project.

Current behaviour

  1. When we click “Run” the validation on 22.04 comes up but gets stuck. We have observed until 5 minutes and then tried to close it. One of our developers has let it run for the whole night and it was still stuck until the next morning.

  2. Once it closes, the “Run” button from the Studio is deactivated

  3. The only way to restore it is by restarting the Studio. The “Run” button is then active.

We are unsure what the reason is, but it is surely annoying when developing. Closing Studio and reopening it everytime this happens does not allow us to focus.

Troubleshooting performed
To known if it was Studio or UiRobot.exe we ran the same process in UiRobot (cmd) and the automation runs as intended so its the Studio which starts project validation, but never completes.

Expected behaviour

  1. The debug / run commands in Studio takes a few seconds to perform validation and runs the automation.

  2. The dedug, run, run file command buttons are active when user has not started debugging

Thank you for your consideration.

Indeed, this is a bug on our side that got fixed with latest version (22.4.4)


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