Studio 19.10.6 - Exchange Autodiscover could not be located


recently I updated Studio from 19.10.4 to latest version. Afterwards, during the process execution, when i use Send Exchange Mail activity in Process.xaml, every time is thrown exception Autodiscover could not be located. Whats more, when I copy and use this same activity in Main.xaml or any other file, it is executed correctly. This behaviour could not be fixed by downgrade of mail activities. Also I tried to downgrade Studio to version 19.10.6 which is available at Cloud - still same error. Finally, I downgraded Studio back to 19.10.4 version, and activity is executed correctly again.

Do you have any solution? This issue is one of the reasons why I can not upgrade Studio.

Thank for any help

So did you find a solution? I have the same issue.

Hi, could you please confirm whether the latest preview of the Mail activity package and 20.10 version of Studio resolves your issue?

I have just found that problem is in System.Activity depedencie. With version 19.10.1 it works, after upgrade it does not

Hi @anton.horvath

Given that you are trying to update your Studio from an older version, could you please contact our technical support to have a look at this issue?

Given that it might affect an Enterprise scenario, reporting it via technical support might be a better path.