Get Exchange Mail Messages: The Autodiscover couldn't be located

Hi Community!

The company I work for just migrated to Microsoft Cloud and the Get Exchange Email Activity that used to work perfectly now returns the error “the autodiscover couldn’t be located.” Exception Type: UiPath.Mail.ExchangeException. The issue errors under Exchange settings in the EmailAutoDiscover field which has my email and the field below - Exchange Version (most recent).

I do not have the UiPath.MicrosoftOffice365. Activities package available to me.

Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!



just one question from my end like is there any recent credential changed for your outlook and it did not sync with your exchange. please check some times we will get this auto discover could not be located error due to credentials change. Thanks

no credential change

ok. in that case it is not related to the credentials. may be it is related to the cloud migration i guess. Could you pls confirm whether you are using the following exchange URL if you are not using please change it to this URL it will not throw any error. if you are using the above mentioned URL but you are still getting the error for exchange activity then you have to contact your IT team to update the settings to enable auto discover for your exchange mail id. thanks

I was not using the URL. I had my email address in the EmailAutoDiscover but I have to choose that field or the Server URL so I removed my email address and added the URL you provided in the Server field under Exchange Settings.

The process errored stating ‘The Request failed. The remove server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized.’

any updates on this ?
I have the same problem. Username and password work via browser on
in Studio Exchange Scope doesn’t raise error. The next actions like send or get message do.
studio 2021.10.4. Mail.Activities = 1.12.3

Our problem was caused by a group policy changed which disallowed UiPath from accessing email via mail.activities package. We solved this issue by using Click and Type Into activities instead of the Mail.Activities package.