Uipath on virtual machine?

I installed virtual machine in my Mac…In VM I installed Windows 8. 1 pro…When I run uipath in that I am getting error…Can’t able to run on this software… Is it possible to run uipath in virtual machine or not


Of curse it is. In most cases companies are giving VMs to RPA teams and that is how it is done.

So answer is Yes.


@venk, check out whether Dot.Net 4.5 SDK is available on your VM or not.
if not, please see your admin to get it install and it will fix all your issues.

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. This is the error am getting when I try to install uipath studio

Hai @venk,

Kindly ensure the software requirements are fulfilled on your pc .,


Mine is windows 8.1 pro 62 bit…Not working yet

did you download directly from your VM? Sometimes I had some issues with my VM connection so I prefer download in my local machine and then copy the file to my VM. You could try.


Have you checked the link that I shared?


Ya t

Ya thanks. …Net frame 4.5.2 is missing…Can’t able to install in VM network issues…Any solution

This question goes to your company system admin who provided infra… they will felicitate… please see them.


I think the Problem is with OS Version .,


Hello, everyone! In this article, we’ve mentioned more than 1 solution when it comes to using UiPath Studio on Mac: https://www.uipath.com/community/rpa-community-blog/how-to-use-uipath-studio-on-mac . So besides the virtual machine, you may find other 2 workarounds. Hope it helps! :tada::wave:


thank you for the interesting link.

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