Struck with one Problem, Call the external exe


I had a situation that i need to call the external exe file and pass the parameters and run the process, process completes and output is a csv file with some info.

Example : C:\xls\xlsx.exe /P “Z:\New\abdulla_IO1.jpg”

Please help on this.


@Srini84 Use start process activity follow below post

@indra, Thanks for the reply, i tried with that, but it is not waiting the process to complete it is just complete and didn’t get any output, as it has to wait to get the output

@Srini84 Can you elaborate what you are exactly trying to do

Start the process, and pass the argument as the default value as /P “Z:\New\abdulla_IO1.jpg”, it is processed

@Srini84 Use start process activity

  • In the executable path pass application name
  • In the argument pass file path

Refer below image to open text file


@indra tried like that, but i am not getting any output and process stops in 1 sec, as i need to pass /P to the file, we i need to pass that?

@Srini84 Is it possible to attach your workflow

.exe is in other drive where it is not possible to upload, I need to pass the parameter like this

C:\xls\xlsx.exe /P “Z:\New\abdulla_IO1.jpg”

PATH : C:\xls\xlsx.exe
parameter : /P
file path : Z:\New\abdulla_IO1.jpg

while we open run command and paste the same parameter it is working fine

@Srini84 Can you share screenshot of start process which you have made