Strange error in AI Center when uploading validated document data

Hello everyone, as you all know the AI center can be used to create a model for invoice data extraction that can be further improved with additional files on which to train it.
I have created a model and i use its skill with machine learning extractor.
I also set up the ML extractor trainer, so that every time a validation station is used to correct the extraction, this data can be uploaded to the AI center to improve the model even further as new documents are processed along the way.
Now this is where i get the error…
When i upload the documents with the validated data the following error pops up in the logs
It seems like those fields are unknown to him but they are present both in the taxonomy and the AI center template…
Furthermore it only happens with some documents, not all of them, what’s going on??

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Hey @Vicidomini_Giannandrea

Please show some screenshots where and how you are providing data…


I imported the files in the document manager, in the export tab

Hello @Vicidomini_Giannandrea ,

Could you plz verify that file which is mentioned in the screenshot manually and confirm once all the fields are available or not?

yes they are :confused: