Ai center not working

Hello all,

I try to do machine learning extractor for getting data from pdf(transport order as type)
I used ai center , i created data set , data lableing (by using shema of invoice )(creating new fields by mapping)
I created ml paquet (as doucment understanding=>invoice as model)
I created ML skill , it is available

My problem in studio in machine learning extractor (i used ml skill and key of document uderstaning ) but in extractor I did not find that fields (when executing there is not color created in data labeling )

is there any solution for this issue ?

any help please $
thank you

Hi @nora_ziani

Once the ML Skill and the API Key is Provided , please click on the “Configure Extractors” .


An page appears , click on the Settings icon of the ML Extractor as Highlighted.

An window Appears , pass the ML Skill and API Key then click on “Get Capabilities”


Then you can map the fields in “Taxonomy” with the “ML Extractor” .


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Thank you for your response , but my problem I gave all this things but he stills open new pop up empty , I did not undestand where is the problem

Can you please help to attach the screenshot.

here ml paquet (i used invoice but my pdf files did not match any one then i created new labeling

here labeling (maybe in parameters)

here ml skill

i see it in ml extractor but not doing mapping (they are empty)

here parameter of labeling data

I used trial version as license

any idea about the issue please
thank you

Can you please generate the end point from the ML Skill in orchestrator and pass the endpoint in the Activity and try.


yes I used this ml skill but still empty for mapping fields

I need to create ml package (as model) not invoice , for me when i deployed new model (failed )

then when i used invoice i updated all fields maybe for this raison?

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