Store dictionary 2 type data into data table format

i am using camel query in share point and output of that is in dictionary 2 format ie (system.collection.generic.dictionary<system.string.system.object>format…i want to store the result of that output in the readable format or in the data table format …how can i do that

this is how i done…but i want to show the data or store the data…
111 this is variable of read list item

@bhala You’ll need to Loop through the resultdt using for Each,
Make Type Argument of for Each as Dictionary<Of String, Object>, then Using the Field Values from the Sharepoint you can access the values inside the For Each in this way :

Try to Implement it in this way

This Post Might give you more Details about it :

plz ellaboratate for each …but i dont have data table variable and for each we need it…

@bhala Do you know the Field Names present in the Sharepoint?

yes i know

i just want …what i have brought the result from the sharepoint ,it should be seen or stored somewhere

@bhala In this xaml, there contains a ForEach, Paste that ForEach in your Workflow after Read List Items.
justForEach.xaml (5.2 KB)

whwn i pase it in

Hi @bhala
Use Microsoft.activities.extensions package please do install

Ashwin S

@bhala Ok Then Delete it , I will tell what you need to Do :sweat_smile:

  1. Use For Each Loop after Read List Items
  2. Change The Type Argument to Dictionary<String,Object>
  3. Inside body of For Each use a Message Box, with value item(“FieldName”).toString

This Should Work

no sir im nor getting …how to change argument to dictionary <string,object>
and for each i havent input data table variable…

Hi @bhala

use for each item and change type as dictionary(of string,object)

and print the item as item(“Field name”).ToString

Ashwin S

i dont know how to change argument…

@bhala Check the Screenshot, Click On Browse For Types in ForEach Type Argument :

@bhala Then Select this by Typing in Search Bar Like Below :

Click on Ok After doing this Step :sweat_smile:

yes sir…getting…but we have read list output is result

…we ineed input data table variable…ie result of read list

@bhala Do not use For Each Row, Use For Each :sweat_smile:

now this error is shown

@bhala Can you show me What you are performing inside a For Each ?