Store dictionary 2 type data into data table format


can we strore the value in data table

@bhala Yes but we should be able to Show the Value :sweat_smile:

@bhala Is Output a Field Name in Sharepoint?

no …but i enter field name value name of sharepoint is shown…but i want value name containing information…actually filed name Invoice_Catergory (column). and where Invoice_Catergory contains service…and i need all the data regarding service…but when i enter field name anly service name is shown not data related that…

@bhala Ok, I’ll need to Check what is the Dictionary value you have :sweat_smile:

Can you do these Steps :

  1. Put a Breakpoint for ForEach
  2. Then Run the Project in Debug Mode

Don’t Stop the Project, Go to Locals Panel where you can see every variable value assigned, Click on the resultdt variable and See it’s contents

@bhala The Value What you wanted to Extract is it present in it?

this is the output of a sharepoint which i want to store …and this is in result variable…i used camel query to fetch the data from share point …data is fetched but when i used for each process is working but reuslt is not displayed …only topic is displayed …this i want to show/store in tesxt or data table…sharepoint list ie invoicee>invoice_Category in that i want service value/field contains this result …

@bhala Can you send me the Text File?

service list.txt (8.5 KB)