How to retrieve data from Sharepoint ReadListItems 2D dictionary

Studio/Robot version: 2018.4.4


I’m trying to read sharepoint list items using the Sharepoint package activity, Read list Items.
Apparently, I’m able to read the list items, but I’m not able to fetch their data.

I have gone through the Sharepoint package documentation which easily says we can use for each loop and retrieve the data, which is not working for me. Am I missing something here?


My code:

The validation error says, Option strict on disallows late binding. I have not worked on 2D dictionary before and unable to find any correct solution on the internet.

@kavyashreeh22 What’s the type of item?

Listitems is Dictionary of string, object

:sweat_smile: Can you send the screenshot of Properties of For each

@kavyashreeh22 I guess you need to change the TypeArgument of For Each as a Dictionary<String,Object> :sweat_smile: If it’s already done, please ignore this.

@supermanPunch, thanks. I was not using the correct type argument in for each loop.

Even then, I dont understand how to use this Read List items to get all the data from the list.
Has anyone used this? Can anyone send me an example xaml?

@kavyashreeh22 Can you send your workflow if its possible? I can try to make the changes as per your requirement :smile:

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