Desktop disconnected error

Getting Desktop disconnected while performing UI actions error. The UIRobot task was started through the Task scheduler. The user was logged in and the desktop was locked. The task runs fine if the PC is unlocked and the user is logged in. The task is set to run with highest privilege and user is part of administrator group.

Did you check “run whether user is logged in” property in the task?

below link might also help:

Hey @smathew

You can Run robot if system is locked also without Orchestrator and to achieve this first thing you have to store user credentials into the Windows Vault Manager / Windows Credential Manager.

To know how to store credential into the windows vault manager.

and also:


I did try it with this option and stored the user credentials in the windows credential store. I also set the task to run with the highest priority. The user I am using is part of the admin group. This time I got “Executor start process failed, reason Access is denied.” I get this error even when I try to run the task from the task scheduler.

I get Executor start process failed, reason Access is denied when I try to run the task doing this.