Store copied data from clipboard in a datatable

How to store copied data from clipboard into datatable??
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If you have the clipboard, use Get from clipboard activity and declare a variable for the output

Then you have to give an Assign activity and write as below

DatatableVarable.Rows(0).Item(“ColumName”) = ClipboardVariable

Hope this may help you


Not in particular column… like each value shall be updated in respective column

Hi Shital,

First of all, you cannot build datable from things copied on clipboard.
The reason for that is, the datatype of content saved on clipboard is System.String.

Therefore, if you copy table from excel, all content saved as String not a datatable.

You can easily confirm that by knowing datatype of content copied on clipboard:
Use assign activity: Var_A= Var_CopedText.GetType

Please find below image for reference