Data Row from Data table Set to Clipboard


I tried to fetch whole row from DataTable and set it to ClipBoard


Hi @Sushant_Chanakhekar,

Why do you want to copy to clipboard?



from clipboard I paste that row in excel


hi @Sushant_Chanakhekar,

You can achieve this without clipboard as well read particular col and write in other excel file.



but I have to write perticular row in Excel i.e my data table contains only one row for perticular Transaction


Hi @Sushant_Chanakhekar,

Can you please explain with example.


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In My Process I read data from Queue and put it into DataTable And Then I Have to Fetch That Queue Data From DataTable And Paste into Excel



Hi @Sushant_Chanakhekar

You can get the record from the queue using Get Transaction Data activity. This will get assigned to a queueitem variable. And then you can however get it assigned to a data table. I believe this part is already done?

Once in the datatable, you can write the data to your excel file using Write Range activity. It is much easier than using clipboard activities…

Let know whether this helps…




Hi @Sushant_Chanakhekar

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