Cost for the Orchestrator Cloud Bucket storage/retreival

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I was looking in the documentation for the storage buckets but I could not find the cost associated for using the UiPath cloud orchestrator storage buckets. Normally, there is also a cost associated with the frequency of retrieval of items from the storage buckets. Is there such a cost for using the cloud orchestrator bucket?


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As per the following, there is currently no limits to the Storage Buckets, but that could change in the future if UiPath determines the service to be abused.

In the same thread, I provided additional details around Storage Buckets in Orchestrator. Notably by default the Storage buckets use the default Storage provider that Orchestrator is configured to use, so if no adjustments are made the default is the local File System.

As end users of the cloud platform (Enterprise or Community) we do not know what the Storage provider is when you select Orchestator for your Storage Bucket that is up to UiPath to manage.

That said you have the option of create a Storage bucket that uses Azure or AWS S3 as the bucket provider in which case the cost would be through your own accounts of those services.

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@codemonkee : As per your reply, as I understand there is no additional cost / limit currently for using the bucket storage . Correct?

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