Storage Bucket Based Image Embedding In Action Forms

How to embed Storage bucket based image in Action Forms ?

This is to cover scenarios that require multiple images or large-sized images to be embedded in the Actions Form. It is recommended to usebase64 encoded string based embedding for only small images like icons or logos.

Steps to enable storage bucket based images in Action Forms:

  1. This feature within the “Create Form Task” activity has to be used in conjunction with UiPath.Core.Activities.Storage.UploadStorageFile unless the image has been already uploaded to the Storage bucket.

  1. Requires >= 1.1.4 UiPath.Persistence.activities package
  • Storage Bucket Name - The storage bucket used for large data files referenced in the "Form Data"
  • Storage Folder Path - The full path to the folder in the specified storage bucket.

  1. Suffix argument name in Form Data collection that maps to an image in the form(as part of HTML control) with underscore(_) storage. This argument name ( _storage) has to be mapped to the storage Destination value from UploadStorageFile activity.

  1. In the form, use src = {{data.key_storage}} in the tag of HTML element

Known limitations: One has to define multiple form data attributes (with _storage) for embedding multiple images (array of images not supported). Only tag is supported with this (and not .pdf or any other file) .