Orchestrator 2020.10.3 actions. Embed PDF


I am testing embeding PDF in actions. Our orchestrator is on premise, I have done everything according to these instuctions, but nothing shows.

  • PDF Viewer Support in Action Forms

    1. Upload the PDF to the storage bucket using storage bucket activities.

    1. Pass the uploaded file path to the form data through an attribute name having _storage as a suffix (e.g., pdf_storage ).*
    1. Refer the attribute name (e.g., pdf_storage ) in the HTML Element control using an <embed> tag. For example: <embed src={{ data.pdf_storage }} width="600px" height="500px"></embed> .*
    1. Do not check the RefreshOnChange property.*
    1. Navigate to Edit JSON , search for RefreshOn field, and set the value to the form data attribute (e.g., pdf_storage ) and then save.*

Does PDF embedding work only on cloud?

Did you get this to work?

Still not working

Solved. It’s working only in action center

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