How to handle the pop windows

when am doing some automation on that time if it come how can i handel pop window message

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Is that pop-up random or comes at particular activity?

However, Try using element exists and click to clear the pop-up.

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Do you know when it will come exactly ? And also same pop-up will come every time ?

when in try to automate some website on that time


As @Sugumar8785 said, use Element Exists and Click to clear the pop-up !


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The above popup says that extension is not enabled

Please confirm you have installed the UiPath Extension for Edge as below screen

even if you are getting error, It is better to check in IE too

Hope this helps



@ksrinu070184 haa i did that Extensions.
but am asking about how to handle the pop message when we are doing automation.

As @Sugumar8785 said, use Element Exists and Click to clear the pop-up.
If you are not sure as to when exactly the pop will come, you can use ‘Pick’ activity and use two ‘Pick branch’ activities inside it. In one pickbranch you can put the normal flow of you BOT and in the other you can put the Element Exists and Click to clear the pop-up so that the pop is continuously monitored until the BOT completes all its actions.

I think as @Athira.Nair suggested would be a better solution if u don’t know when the popup will appear in specific.

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