Stop robot when no more "tasks" available until triggered by WTS


I have issues on how to stop the execution of my workflow in situations where the robot has no more tasks left until the next day. The workflow where this should happen is nested in the main workflow. I realize this is most likely a very basic question but after spending quite some time googling the issue I decided to post here.
I am not using orchestrator so if I understand it correclty the “should stop” option is not possible.



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Yes you are correct and should stop activity will receive signal from Orchestrator only. Once it received then it will stop running BOT.

Are you using REFramework? If yes then no transaction items to process then it will stop.

And also try with Terminate Workflow activity to stop the BOT.

Thank you for replying. I am looking into migrating my project to fit REFramework but I have read a lot that it is hard to use without orchestrator. A bit off-topic but do you have any experience or knowledge of this?

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@GELAV the academy training has very good practical examples to understand RE framework. The reusability feature is the highlight.
The level 3 assignments in the academy are the best tasks to understand RE framework practically.

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