ShouldStop Issues in ReFramework

Hey everyone, I’m using a custom ReFramework based around the original just simplified and it doesn’t tie into orchestrator, just uses SQL databases.

My issue is when I stop the bot during the ‘Process Transaction’ section it will mark the record as a Success because it doesn’t just stop it runs all the way through to the ‘set transaction status’ section and doesn’t find the system exception or business exception, so marks a success and then stops after that.

Anyway to get the bot to not do this?

Kill it instead of stopping it. Although this isn’t good practice.

Stop is supposed to finish what it’s doing so it’ll end gracefully. You have to put into your code steps that check for the stop command and then stops how you want it to.

I’m currently just stopping it on the actual VM on the taskbar since I’m still developing it.

Is there a way to stop it so it kind of catches itself?

For example, knowing that it will run into the success section I tried to put in a ‘Should Stop’ as the first activity in the success section, but that still hits as false.


If you click Should Stop option in Orchestrator then Bot execution will be stopped for next Transaction Item in the list but it will not effect to the current processing Transaction Item .

Yes, what I need is for the bot to stop for the current transaction item. And I’m not using orchestrator at the moment just in studio stopping the bot by closing out the botrunner icon on the taskbar. Is there a way for it to just stop completely or to catch the current one before it is logged as a success? For example check for the stop prior to the success and if it is true it will terminate the bot or something like that?


If you are closing UiPath Robot runner while Bot is running then it will be stopped immediately and it won’t wait till the ongoing transaction item to complete it.

Ok I what you mentioned above helped me see what I needed to change; rather than having the success, business exception, and system exception matrix in the ‘Finally’ section of the ‘Process Transaction’ try catch, if I move them to the actual notes for those three states instead that fixes my problem.

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