Stop or kill job after xx Minutes Starts counting at scheduled start time, not actual start time

I have a number of jobs that run in the morning before anyone arrives at work. Most nights everything is fine, but occasionally a job runs long or runs away gets stuck or whatever. I just went into Orchestrator and added a Stop job after xx minutes (with Kill) with a worst case run time. So for example I have a job that is scheduled to start at 5:30AM and it normally takes 20ish minutes to run. I put the kill after 45 Minutes. So to me after the job starts if it takes longer than 45 minutes to run something went wrong and Orchestrator will kill it to allow subsequent jobs to run. That’s not what happened. While the job is scheduled to run at 5:30, previous jobs ran a bit long and it did not start until 6:02. Orchestrator killed the job at 6:15. 45 minutes after it was scheduled to start, not 45 minutes after it actually started as I would expect. Is there any setting to tell Orchestrator to start the clock at actual job start rather than scheduled start?


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Hey @rogerfries

What I see here is you can add stop or kill the job based on the log context instead of blindly killing it since it took long time.

Hope this helps.