Stop Execution when condition doesn't met

Hey Genius people.

I have designed a workflow where I have certain If conditions used as validation steps. I wanted to stop the execution when my if condition criteria doesn’t met. I mean don’t want my robot to run further but to stop.

How can I achieve it?

Hi @Debasis_Nayak,

You can:

  • use Throw activity (covered here) to raise an exception (BusinessRuleException) which would (unless the exception is muted along the way) bubble up all the way up to the outer layer of your workflow
  • use Terminate activity which has a similar effect but is a bit more harsh


the above are options to sort of force your workflow to finish. You can also structure your conditions to navigate towards the end of the workflow.



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Thank you Filip,

Terminate Activity is the one I was looking for. :heart_eyes:

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