Stop execution of further activities in workflow if condition meets

I have around 7 workflow sequence files. I invoke all of them main workflow file.

I want to terminate the 2nd workflow further execution if its meets the given condition. Not the whole workflow ( it has to execute remaining 3,4,5 workflow files if condition is not met )

I can not use ‘break activity’, because its only for foreach loop.
I used ’ terminate activity.’ … But terminate activity stop the whole process & not excute remaining 3,4,5 workflows. Also its throw a message in pop.

I want to stop only 2nd workflow. and want to move to 3rd workflow without any popup message. How can i achieve this?


If specific condition met then just Log message activity in Then side and keep remaining activities in else side.

Hi @Sirisha_Siri ,

If this were a State Machine, then you could transition into those states that you want based on conditions.

Another idea would be to make use of Boolean values or maybe a Switch Case Activity for entering into a given workflow.

Kind Regards,
Ashwin A.K

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