How to stop program execution if condition match

Hello dear friend’s,
Could u plz help me in this.

I wanted my program execution to stop at one point…if condition match.

Like i am sending an unsuccessful/exception email after delay/wait time over…i wanted my workflow to stop here after email send email…beacuse my workflow in flowchart dont wanted program control to go next Sequence.


after you realize your condition and is moment to end your process, you can just use the terminate workflow activity


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Ok @fernando_zuluaga can we use this activity in unattended bot ?

yes, it would

@fernando_zuluaga ok but i see in some videos that terminate workflow activity through pop-up with ok button? & my workflow will run on unattended mode.

you mean the message popup? it basically the reason to termine the workflow, but it will ends your process without popup that window

Yes @fernando_zuluaga, Ok let me try & will get back to you…thanks for u r quick response.

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