Terminating Workflow without executing further Sequence


I am developing a bot where i am facing a mentioned issue.
i want my execution to be stopped if the conditions are fulfilled. Just believe that my workflow has 5 sequences. SQ 1,SQ 2,…,SQ 5. and each sequence has activities in it also they are in a single flow . and in SQ 2 there is an IF Activity. now if the condition is not satisfied then bot performs all other activity’s in “Else” portion and comes out of SQ 2 and execute further Sequences that is SQ 3,SQ 4 and SQ 5.
Now if the condition in SQ 2 is Satisfied then it would go in “Then” portion and perform activity in it and then stop the execution. it should not go to SQ 3, SQ 4 and SQ 5. as the sequence are assigned in a single flow one after another.

I have used Terminate workflow activity at the last in “Then” portion, but it is showing the popup with exception and reason i have mentioned. but actually i don’t want the exception popup i want my robot to stop executing.

Also my sequence is too complicated and i cant invoke SQ 3, SQ 4, SQ 5 in “Else” portion of SQ 2. as it is too hectic to deal with large number of variables and arguments.

Please experts help me to solve this logic.

Hello @uppatel

i would use the FlowChart Activity in Main then 5 sequence inside based on the flow decision you could decide what action you want.


@aksh1yadav @rajeshprabhu_gp

Hi Akshay and Rajesh,

I am facing issue while executing the different activities(By Invoke Workflow file) from main method.

Step1:First Invoke workfile has been executed.
Step2:Second Invoke workfile has not been executed(Not responding after first invoke file has been executed).
Attached the workflow.

Am very new to UI Path ,appreciate your help.
RajeshExcelWriteCellCode.xaml (14.5 KB)