Step was not recorded successfully

I am using F2 for the delay while using the recording feature of UIPATH studio.
It is consistently throwing this error to me.
Do anyone have any solution of it?

Hi Nashrah,

Check your uipath extension on the browser if you are using chrome. If extension is installed correctly then close and open the uipath studio again.

Hope this will work.

Hey @ghazanfar,
It is not the extension issue. It is just because F2 is used for pause for 3 seconds in activities like Click and type into. I am using it in output options that’s why its giving this error.

you are pressing f2 while doing recording like click , type into etc or after completion of recording for the delay you are using it in the output?

when you are using f2 after the recording and to pause the bot for some time you can use delay activity.

And if you are using f2 while doing recording and it is throwing error then its uipath issue reinstall it or update it.