Stay on page popup while downloading the file

@efelantti when first pop up came it have not clicked to continue.

Can you share your flow? And in case you yet have, add some log messages so it’s easier to see where it goes wrong.

@efelantti i cant share due to company policies.


I have added element exist variable in parallel activity condotion.

Add log messages to see what happens. I’d suggest to add one at the start of the loop (so you see how many times the loop is executed) and to the Else If (so you see if the popup is detected). Then re-run and check what is logged.

@efelantti when the popup arises element exist just take time to execute.

How long timeout do you have on Element Exists? I suggest to keep it short, since your are checking in a loop.

Also, validate that you have the correct selector for the popup. When the popup appears on screen, click on “Validate” button on the selector within Element Exists.

@efelantti i have not kept any timeout…I have checked with selector also it is working fine only.

If you don’t specify a timeout, it will be 30 seconds per default. Try with a shorter (eg. 5 seconds). Did you try if you can get a click on the popup separately, like having the click in a separate workflow and running it when the popup appears?