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Hello Everyone,
I have an excel sheet in which I have some url’s.
some I need help to do this process.
process is to open url one by one if url is open then it should write a status (“Sucessful opened”) on an excel sheet if url is not opened due to some reason then again it should write some status (“Not Opened”).

sample excel sheet is attached for reference.
thanx in advance.
urls.xlsx (10.1 KB)

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Hey @Lakshya_Garg

Just use HTTP activity from UiPath.WebAPI.Activities package.

Get the excel data into a datatable using Read Range activity.

Use For-Each Row activity to iterate every excel row & use the URL in the HTTP activity and check status code output which should be 200 if URL is valid.

Update the same in the datatable & finally after the loop completes you can write the datatable back to Excel using Write Range.


Hello @Lakshya_Garg ,

If you wish to check without using the API, then is there any common element in the application like same login button or etc, which can be used as a reference element to verify the successfull opening of application?

If you are going with UI automation then after opening the URL , you have to check whether some common element exists or not, if yes then use write cell activity to update the cell as “successfull” else “no success”