How to check the status of URLs in Excel and get the out put excel with status codes

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I’m new UI studio, im trying to check the status of URLs in Excel and extract the status in to excel file respectively.


  1. Regarding Exception Handling - #5 by aksh1yadav
  2. Check Href link exists or not - #2 by arivu96

Note: Search previous posts in forum for more info

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Thank Dominic,

But unable to push list of URLs in EndPoint

What part isn’t working? The topics dominc linked to were very informative on the topic, so we can’t offer more help without anymore context on what went wrong.


Im Trying to extract URLs Status from Excel and print it in to excel files with two columns (“Urls, Status”) . But unable to pass variable to Endpoint in Http Activity. (82.7 KB)
If possible pls provide us the sample.