Status_Access_Validation error. Cannot edit process setting in Orchestrator

I have an issue when editing automation process setting in Orchestrator, I have always get the error code: STATUS_ACCESS_VALIDATION for any process that I edit.

and this is the setup of my role in Orchestrator.

I tried different browsers, clearing cache,etc, and still has the same error.

I don’t have issue in creating and deleting automation process, the error only happens when editing it.

Have anyone encounter the same error? how did you resolve it?

Thank you.

Can you check the same steps in Edge or Firefox?

Try to create a custom Folder role with all permissions and assign it to your user in the processes folder.

Sign out and Sign in.

Retry in a Incognito window

I have tried all the steps in the link, tried it in incognito but the issue still persist.
It is also not working using Edge in private mode…