Could not add process in orchestrator?

I can not add the process? and also add process button is not enabled

Thanks in advance


You need access to add

Check with your orchestrator bot controller team

To get the access for manipulation have a view on this

Cheers @raja_ias

Access mean @Palaniyappan

Roles to edit or view or create process



Once singnout from orchestrator and try to sign in again.


No worries

You can check whether you have the access or not

Go to Tenant tab in left side or orchestrator screen
And Check roles option ( Manage access > Assign roles > Check roles )

There you can see your assigned roles and access you have

Cheers @raja_ias

It shows like this

@THIRU_NANI I did, again same issue


Check this doc for navigation

Cheers @raja_ias


R you the admin of the orchestrator?

If not please reach admin for enabling the access

Hope this may help you


not solved bro


Let me tell you the exact steps to check on roles

  1. Open your cloud orchestrator
  2. Click on tenant tab
  3. Click on manage access tab
  4. Click on assign roles
  5. Search for your name and see what role is assigned to you
  6. Make a note of it and if it shows inherited from groups then you will have admin role
  7. Now open the Roles tab under same MANAGE ACCESS
  8. There search for the role assigned to you and click on three dots option in right side
  9. Click on edit and see whether you are enabled with all permissions for PROCESSES

Cheers @raja_ias

Thanks everyone, i got answer, Add new folder then add process works well.

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