Start Job: Operation returned an invalid status code 'Forbidden'

“message”: “Start Job: Operation returned an invalid status code ‘Forbidden’”,
“level”: “Error”,
“logType”: “Default”,
“timeStamp”: “11:52:15”,
“processVersion”: “1.0.3”,
“jobId”: “b047616c-2068-46d3-96af-947d19bc6bf4”,
“robotName”: “R1”,
“machineId”: 75541,
“fileName”: “Main”


Is that machine is connected with Orchestrator or not ?

@lakshman - Yes machine is connected to Orchestrator , I’m currently using community edition, after lot’s of research i got to know that like robot role need to give all permission but currently i see only one user in my orchestrator.


I guess you have Admin account for Orchestrator. If yes then you can give roles to other user accounts.

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@lakshman - is this solve my problem ?

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Check if you gave the Robots the roles to launch Job :wink:

Users->Roles->Robot->Jobs (enable create)

Hope it helps


@jfinet - i’m using community edition where i am able to see single user and not able to see roles and all.

Hello @sandipauti . I am trying to elobarate @jfinet’s steps. If you are in the cloud rpa platform, please click on services and switch to the corresponding tenant. In the respective tenant, click on your username icon → Users. Then click the tab adjacent to called “Roles”. In roles, click on “Robot” and click the hamburger elipses icon and then click on edit. Enable “create” role for Jobs and “Robots”.



You are certainly missing the “Roles” Tab in the top left corner when you are in the Users page from the Orchestrator

@Deebiga_Kandasamy - Done with all the steps still i am getting same issue.

@lakshman, @Deebiga_Kandasamy , @jfinet - This issue is resolved after given view permission to environment and process for robot page


Great @sandipauti

I am also having this issue and am unable to find the ‘roles’ link…


@pduffy Here it is!



Can anyone please help with this ?

This is an error when I am trying use SET Asset Activity. The new value is not getting updated in Orchestrator.



New value not getting updated in orchestrator when executing set activity.

HI @sandipauti , Can you explain how to do this? I’am facing the similar issue.

worked for me! thank you


I try to use “Get Job Activity” but still getting the error - as"

Operation Returned an invalid status code ‘forbidden’


In addition to the solution above, try putting in the name of the process to run the name of the environment. Type processName_environmentName including the underscore :wink: