State of the Automation Professional survey 2024

State of the Automation Professional survey 2024

:heart: Dear community, the State of the Automation Professional survey is designed to highlight main aspects of your working environment. From biggest satisfactions and frustrations to discovering career path transitions. What defines your role? What are the major trends in AI product usage? What are the biggest challenges that you face in the automation industry? :rocket: By participating, you’ll have the chance to enter our raffle and win one of 50 vouchers; each voucher is worth $50 towards UiPath goodies.

The data will be compiled into an insightful report available to all those that complete the survey. 15 minutes is the estimated completion time. The automation professional’s community near you is essential, so please share the news among your peers on social networks.

Complete the survey! Join the movement! Let’s find out together what shapes the dynamic automation industry.

The survey data collection will be open until June 9.

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