State of the Automation Professional report 2023 is here!

Dear community fellows,

State of the Automation Professional report 2023 is here! For four years in a row, we count on you, our automation developers’ community and this year we have expanded the research universe to include all automation professionals. Different roles participated: automation developers, solution architects, process mining specialists, business analytes, and citizen developers.

With your involvement and dedication to express, we succeeded in gathering 1,639 automation professionals globally from different industries. Your voice matters and we listen each year.

Deep dive into the data to understand what drives your job satisfaction, what are your preferred technologies, what UiPath products you choose, and AI insights.

The role of UiPath Community is grounded and 82% of you consider to be part of the UiPath Community, up from 77% last year. We appreciate how you drive product innovation with feedback and use cases year over year. Thank you for your commitment and sense of belonging.

What is the AI role in your workflows? What AI-based tool are you using for your automation projects? What UiPath products are you looking to build your expertise around?

Get a free copy of the report and share it with other automation enthusiasts for key insights about the automation space.


Thank you!

UiPath Community


@Oana_Chicioroaga Wao Amazing


Thanks, Raja! I appreciate your enthusiasm. :heartpulse:

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@Oana_Chicioroaga Thanks for kind words. Being a developer I always try to learn from every plarform and share knowledge to convert it into wisdom.


Sounds great! Knowledge sharing is essential.

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Hi, great report. I like the spotlight on AI - however…
Something seems wrong here:

On another note: May I ask how UiPath feels about possible echo chamber effects or even a confirmation bias in this report?

Thanks, Lukas


Hi @lukasziebold , thanks for sharing your thoughts. In the methodology we mention the channels for the data collection. The numbers are showing what the respondents stated, and if we see from this perspective there might be an echo chamber.

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It’s nice to here! because I’m the new to RPA Learning…and this type of news will shown impact on me…

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I’m glad to hear this data is helping you @KuruvaJayaPrakash! You can also share it inside your organization and find possible ways of building an automation strategy. As the data shows more than 70% of automation developers influence their leadership in choosing the technologies they use.

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This is truly fascinating. As a student who’s just delving into the realm of Reinforcement Learning (RL), every new discovery is a thrilling adventure. The ongoing advancements in AI and automation never fail to captivate my attention. The prospect of what lies ahead fills me with anticipation and excitement.


Thank you for your curiosity @Kayleeyana. We invite you to check out our student program, developed for curious and engaged minds: UiPath Student Developer Champions | UiPath.

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