State Machine not working properly when using Invoke Workflow

I am following the video demos in the “Project Organization” module of the the RPA developer foundation training. I built a successful state machine that asked the user for the account balance, asked the user for the payment amount then returned the new balance. I followed the demo to a t and the one I built worked fine but when I change two elements from If activities to extracted workflows the logic does not work the same. Instead of returning the new balance (beginning bal - pymt amt) it returns the pymt amt. The demo file looks exactly the same as mine but it is able to return the correct new balance and mine cannot. Please help!

InputValidation[1].xaml (7.4 KB)
Main[1].xaml (24.5 KB)

MyInputValidation.xaml (5.5 KB) MyStateMachine.xaml (24.4 KB)