Assignment 1 of Level 3 - No error but no data

Dear experts,

I created the process, but looks nothing happened when I try to use it. it just shows no item to be proceed.

I would like to know what’s wrong with my program.

Thank you. [link moderated]
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Hi @rhodium,
Please don’t share the whole projects for academy.
Use debugging to find out where the problem occurs. If you are using newest version of studio, please also check if your arguments for invoked workflow are not empty due to known bug described here:

Dear Pablito,

I know how to debug, actually, i have tried. But the issue here is, when i using the Robotic Enterprise Framework, i can’t pass the value to Process.xaml…

I’m using invoke activity of course.

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HI @rhodium

Here is a common place people do mistakes…
In your get Transaction Data.xaml, check whether you have assigned a value to out_Transactionitem argument. If the value is not assigned to this argument, it will not pass any data to transactionitem variable in the main workflow. Transactionitem is the variable that is used to check whether there is any data to be processed or not.

Make sure this part is correct and it will get it resolved :slight_smile: