State Machine for each loop

Hi, I have a query that in one file i have made a process of login in login file each user id and password is read from excel and then go to next process and then next user is login. But in login file i use for each but it first login all the users and then go to next process.

if i invoke all files in one process then it working fine and first user process is complete then after login the next user

but by using state machine it first login all users and then go to the next process.
So please guide what should i do

Hi @praveen5 ,
I see your requirements, I think state machine is not good with it, why you select it in here?
If you use it, I think you can use a loop each row in your file and a state inside it

hope it help you,

so then in List of Items what should i write

you have a 1 excel file have infor to login, that’s right?
you need read it first to get data table
for each row in data table, and state have step-by-step inside that loop

But if i use state in for each row in data table than it goes to login state where it reads the excel and for each loop to enter the logins details then it sends same error that first it will login all users and than go to next state but i want to complete process of first user and then login the next user details


As im using state under loop but then it goes to login state and there is for each to write the login details But it read all the users and not complete the process of first users.