How to use For Each Row in existing flowchart

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I am working in a use case that almost done upto 90%, Flow will look like this.
Actually my issue now is
In 1st sequence “LogIn” - during a development i used login details were default at that time.So i gave directly using variables like username and password.
After all those sequences(Validatiion …Logout) will execute for that login details only then last sequence for logout the user. And after that again i need to give another login details for the executions.
Now req change was i have to use values from Excel with column “username” and “password”.
So here i need your help guys.
guide me that how can i use those values from excel .As per my understanding Using excel application scope and using for each row concept i know, but inside that for each row should i paste my flowchart for the further process.
Or else tell me how can i iterate values from excel to the log in page and further sequences should be processed and logout. again it should fetch next login details from excel.

Summary : How can i use for each row for the flowchart processes which having more sequences to be processed using values from excel.

Hope i clearly explained.

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from above the above comment we can understand that you need to repeat all the sequence for each login credentials. If so, you can follow the approach you mentioned by reading the data from excel, using for each row and invoking your current workflow every time for new credentials(pass them as arguments).


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@siddu509 Thanks for the quick reply.

I am not able to get this bro.

Will you please explain clearly if possible with steps?

Create a new workflow
read the credentials from your work sheet
in your login credentials sequence and instead of hard code values in variables create arguments for username and password to pass run time values
use for each data row and in that for each invoke your work flow and pass these values.

@siddu509 So as i said before, we have to invoke the whole flowchart inside the for each row activity right?